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Hi and welcome to! This is a fun new way of making a decision and helping others do so, too. If you have a burning dilemma, create a versus between the two options you are considering. If you have knowledge and experience, help others by voting and commenting on their versuses. Whether it's lifestyle, technology, sports or philosophy, at you can share what you know and ask what you don't.

VS Bottled water Tap water How many of us are still drinking tap water? And if not, why not? by misspea 511 VS Technology Nature Will technology dominate or will/is nature striking back? I mean we are bound to get destroyed and extinct some day in the future, but will we destroy ourselves by relying too much on the technology or will nature smite us with all its fury? by Ninja1 388 VS Electric cars Natural Gas cars What are the advantages of electric cars over natural gas ( LNG ) cars? by Scorpion 38 VS Clean, abundant Thorium Hazardous, limited Uranium Not familiar with Thorium? Check it out before answering. by Brian Tumor 19 VS After two beers After six beers When is the right time to approach an attractive woman in a bar? by Hot Pie 535 VS Yes No Do you believe in god? by tpah 537 VS Carbs No carbs Are carbs really "evil"? Frankly, I am confused and the more I read about it the less I know. So I want to put it to the test here and see what the majority thinks. by misspea 422 VS Wikipedia Encyclopaedia Which one do you trust more? by misspea 589 VS Sleeping Having sex I’ve read about the research that states that 70% of people would rather have a good night's sleep than have sex. What would you rather do? by Ninja1 420 VS Pepsi Coca Cola Classic cola wars, which one do you prefer? by Hot Pie 360 VS Laptop Desktop computer Laptop is more mobile but you get a better desktop computer for the same price. What's your decision? by Ninja1 771 VS The Winner The Underdog Who would you cheer for? by Robin The Fog 376 VS Skinny Curvy OK, let's put this one to the test, men, once and for all. Do we actually like skinny women or are curves what we really want? What is hotter for you? by Hot Pie 954 VS Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox Which one is a better internet browser? by Hot Pie 489 VS Freelancing Regular job I freelance and I do prefer working from home but I usually work more hours than my friends with regular jobs and I also have to find my own way with business and clients. What do you think is a better option for young people in today's economy? by Ninja1 446 VS Amazon Ebay Where do you get better deals? by tpah 530 VS Smartphones Tablets Pros and cons using smartphone over tablet? by tpah 548 VS Foot massage Clean kitchen A question just for the ladies :) What makes you happier - a relaxing foot massage by your beloved partner or him cleaning the kitchen of his own accord? by Ninja1 356 VS Printed media Online news Since Newsweek ceased print publication I want to know - is there any hope still left for printed media in the long run? How do you prefer your news served - printed or digital? by misspea 409 VS Legalize weed Keep weed illegal Do you support decriminalization of weed? Why/why not? by misspea 505 VS Designin with pen Designing with mouse What do you prefer to use? If you use both what do you use the pen for and what do you use the mouse for? by freebeer 226 VS Spiders Snakes What scares you more? For me it's spiders, because they are small, they crawl in to thinks, some can even JUMP and -omg - I just can't get over the 8 legs. No-legged snakes I can handle, no problem. by misspea 511 VS Google Yahoo Which one gives you better search results? by tpah 285 VS Live to eat Eat to live What does food mean to you? Is it the ultimate pleasure, an expression of who you are and your creativity, or is it just fuel? by misspea 940 VS Public proposal Private proposal I want to propose to my girlfriend. Should I do it in public or in private? by freebeer 610 VS Tidy Bedroom Stare at Ceiling I can no longer see the floor in my bedroom. What on Earth should I do? by Robin The Fog 555 VS Twitter Facebook Which one would you recommend for a social networking virgin of a certain age (60+)? by misspea 442 VS Linux Windows Which one would you recommend? by Ninja1 1.12 K VS Fitness (gym) Swimming&running After developing some aches and pains in my back due to carrying a baby around and not being fit at all I joined a gym to strengthen up and be more ready for the next baby. For the muscle pain I also visited a massage therapist and he said fitness is bad for people (unless you are a professional athlete, and he works with top athletes so I do trust him) and told me to run and swim instead. Should I really quit the gym? by misspea 467