50% vs 50% USA Syria What do you think? Should USA get involved even if there is no such big support from other states? Should thay wait for others to join? by freebeer 1.2 K 36% vs 64% Apple Cider vinegar Brewer's Yeast Best natural flea repellent for dogs is...? by misspea 2.81 K 40% vs 60% Under Over Toilet paper, over or under? by kesma01 1.37 K 42% vs 58% German Boxer Boston Terrier Which one to get? We are thinking of getting a dog and just can't decide between these two, so please help with your experiences. We live in the city, have a toddler, we live in a small house so there is some space but not a lot. by misspea 4.8 K 72% vs 28% Legalize weed Keep weed illegal Do you support decriminalization of weed? Why/why not? by misspea 1.9 K 25% vs 75% Pistorius: I believe him Pistorius: I don't believe him What is you gut telling you? by freebeer 971 54% vs 46% Tidy Bedroom Stare at Ceiling I can no longer see the floor in my bedroom. What on Earth should I do? by Robin The Fog 1.5 K 50% vs 50% Spiders Snakes What scares you more? For me it's spiders, because they are small, they crawl in to thinks, some can even JUMP and -omg - I just can't get over the 8 legs. No-legged snakes I can handle, no problem. by misspea 1.89 K 43% vs 57% The Winner The Underdog Who would you cheer for? by Robin The Fog 1.4 K 46% vs 54% Short hair Long hair So, let's find the answer to the everlasting question: what's more attractive on a woman - short hair or long hair? by Yellena 1.4 K 73% vs 27% Vintage 1990s Synth with MIDI? New Midi Controller with Keys? What would be a better buy with about 150e budget: a vintage synth with midi implemented (not to mention a number of useful sounds that come with it) or a new age midi controller with warranty and easy connection to a DAW? by dj.woo.d 1.18 K 50% vs 50% Yes. Prolonged exposure fatal. No. You're A Hypocondriact Is it possible to contract a rather unpleasant and itchy rash from just lying in some grass in the park? by Robin The Fog 1.13 K 52% vs 48% Straight jeans Skinny jeans Which do you prefer? by Ninja1 1.36 K 56% vs 44% Samsung Galaxy Nexus Samsung Galaxy SII I am looking for a phone in this price range and I came up with this two models. So which one is better in time ? Battery life , break downs, I want to know all their issues . by adrianonroad 1.22 K 40% vs 60% Nikon D5200 Canon Rebel T4i I have about 800€ to spare and I have decided to buy a camera. I never owned a SLR camera and am quite afraid to start using it. What would you recommend? What is the difference between these two? Which one is easier to use? by freebeer 1.19 K 41% vs 59% Linux Windows Which one would you recommend? by Ninja1 3.15 K 75% vs 25% 1956 Chevy Bel Air 1958 Chevy Impala When I "grow up" one of these will be mine, perhaps even both. Which one would you choose? by misspea 3.23 K 46% vs 54% iOS 6 iOS7 What do you think, should I upgrade or no. Should I wait a couple of months or should I just go for it? by FreddyTheFox 1.29 K 39% vs 61% Fitness (gym) Swimming&running After developing some aches and pains in my back due to carrying a baby around and not being fit at all I joined a gym to strengthen up and be more ready for the next baby. For the muscle pain I also visited a massage therapist and he said fitness is bad for people (unless you are a professional athlete, and he works with top athletes so I do trust him) and told me to run and swim instead. Should I really quit the gym? by misspea 4.29 K 66% vs 34% Smartphones Tablets Pros and cons using smartphone over tablet? by tpah 2.62 K 56% vs 44% Good Morning To You Production Warner Music Group So have you heard that Warner owns the rights to Happy Birthday song? But a company that is making a documentary about the song has filed a class action lawsuit to make it free for all. Who should win? (needles to say I dare not to post video ;) More at http://www.forbes.com/sites/emmawoollacott/2013/06/14/class-action-suit-aims-to-strip-warner-of-happy-birthday-copyright/ by misspea 1.18 K 62% vs 38% Yes No Edward Snowden is a hero to some, a traitor to others. But my question is this - do you think anything will change because of his actions? by misspea 1.34 K 43% vs 57% Obama deserves Nobel prize Obama doesn't deserve it Does Obama deserve the Nobel peace prize, especially in view of latest plans in Syria? by FreddyTheFox 1.21 K 50% vs 50% The Great Gatsby 1974 The Great Gatsby 2013 So I read the book in high school and again recently but haven't watched either of these two movies. Which one would you recommend? by misspea 1.13 K 67% vs 33% Serif Sans-serif Which one is better for the web? by Ninja1 1.19 K 47% vs 53% Adobe CS6 Design Standard CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 Is Adobe really that much better than Corel. Why is the price ratio 3:1? What do you suggest for a beginner? by FreddyTheFox 12.43 K 46% vs 54% Arial Helvetica The ultimate and never ending font war. What is your favorite? Is it Arial or is it Helvetica?
As a designer I must say Helvetica FTW. Much more versatile and has a bigger family, well not just bigger its huge!
by freebeer 154.19 K
70% vs 30% Electrolux EWP1462TDW Candy GC4 1272 D2 A friend is buying a new washing machine and he doesn't know which one of these two to choose. He is also a bit confused about how the Candy one, being only 40 cm deep, can have almost the same features as the Electrolux normal size one. by FreddyTheFox 1.32 K 61% vs 39% Live to eat Eat to live What does food mean to you? Is it the ultimate pleasure, an expression of who you are and your creativity, or is it just fuel? by misspea 2.13 K

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