71% vs 29% McConaughey buffed McConaughey skinny How do you like your Matthew McConaughehgheeheehey? Buffed or skinny? by misspea975 9.05 K 40% vs 60% Leo smooth Leo rugged How do you like your Leonardo - rugged or smooth? by misspea975 6.2 K 59% vs 41% Arnold Schwarzenegger Sylvester Stallone Italian Stallion or Mr. For-mor-yea's?
Who really beats the shit out of crap?
by Rabbit 1.69 K
53% vs 47% Virtual currency Old school currency Which will prevail in the long run? There's been a lot of talk about virtual "money" lately and it makes me wonder (although I have to admit I don't fully understand the whole principle yet) - can you see a future where traditional currencies don't exist anymore and all transactions become virtual? by froggy 1.37 K 47% vs 53% The Olympic games are about sport Money&politics have taken over Are the Olympic games still about sport, athletes and Olympic values or have money and politics completely taken over using the games only as a stage to show off their power while the sport is just a fun side effect for the masses to enjoy? by sharealine 1.45 K 36% vs 64% Seattle Seahawks Denver Broncos Who will win the NFL Super Bowl XLVIII? by tpah 1.32 K 57% vs 43% Peyton Manning Tom Brady Before Sunday's game here's just a classic football versus - who is a better quarterback: Manning or Brady? by FreddyTheFox 1.21 K 58% vs 42% Traditional medicine Alternative medicine Do you trust them equally? Which is better in your opinion? by Lioness 880 65% vs 35% Yes No Is this winter's bizarre weather - freezing in USA, plants budding in Europe etc. - a consequence of climate change? by sharealine 1.42 K 61% vs 39% Benedict Cumberbatch Jeremy Brett Who is the ultimate Holmes in your opinion? by misspea975 1.98 K 46% vs 54% Sales save you lots of money At sales you spend more With winter sales going on I am wondering - does shopping at sales save you money or do you actually spend more and buy stuff you don't really need or even like? What are your experiences? by DaisyDuke 991 56% vs 44% DELL Monitor UltraSharp U2913WM LG 29EA93-P UltraWide IPS Monitor Which is better for graphic design, creating animations, videos? And also must run very good in Mac Pro and macbook pro! by Simoncheli 1.72 K 40% vs 60% 2013 2014 Get the F out 2013, you've done quite enough! Almost everyone we know got slapped around by you big time so go on, get, time to pack it in, scoot, move over, step away...How do you guys feel about 2013? Vote and comment now! by sharealine 1.61 K 40% vs 60% Champix/Chantix pills Nicotine gum/patch My new year's resolution is to finally stop smoking and I was wandering
if anyone had any advice on what works better - pills like
Chantix/Champix or nicotine gums/patches? Help!
by DaisyDuke 1.84 K
60% vs 40% The Lord of the Rings The Hobbit Which trilogy is - from what you have seen so far - your favorite? by misspea975 1.14 K 36% vs 64% Cheramic Floor Wooden Floor Modern cheramic floor or should I rather go with classic wooden floor for my living room? by Incredible Mrki 2.42 K 50% vs 50% Turkey Roast Beef This will be the first time I cook X-mas dinner for family and friends and I
would like some advice on which roast is more idiot proof to make - turkey
or beef?
by froggy 1.21 K
50% vs 50% PS4 Xbox One The best next-gen console for you? by freebeer 1.26 K 58% vs 42% I believe in Santa Claus Don't be ridiculous and grow up Happy holidays from Sharealine team! Share your favorite Santa memories with us! by sharealine 1.31 K 52% vs 48% Eurobasket 2013 Serbia Eurobasket 2013 Spain A young, feisty team from Serbia impressed us in the game against France on Sunday and with that win secured for itself the first place in their group. On the other hand the Spanish team has yet to reveal its best side despite the fact they entered into this Eurobasket championship as a favorite. Which team will make it to the semi-finals? by sharealine 1.34 K 61% vs 39% Eurobasket 2013 Slovenia Eurobasket 2013 France Parker's three championship rings, his NBA finals MVP title and a determined team which has not yet shown all its might at this Eurobasket will go head to head with Slovenia tonight. Slovenia's team has proved time and time again that with the support of its fans it is more than able to conquer much stronger opponents. Who do you think will get through to the final rounds, leading to the medals? by sharealine 1.38 K 67% vs 33% Ford S-Max Renault Espace Whitch one is better compared fuel consumption, spaciousness and travelling comfort. by dr24doo 1.61 K 55% vs 45% Hank Walt As the season 5 of Breaking bad is coming to an end who would you like to get out as the winner? by freebeer 1.38 K 73% vs 27% EuroBasket 2013 Slovenia EuroBasket 2013 Greece It is going to be a hard match, both are great teams, history is on the side of Greece, but Slovenia has home court advantage. by Hot Pie 4.64 K 57% vs 43% Mayweather Canelo This is the time of the year that we are all waiting for. The two undefeated boxers will face each other inside the ring. Who is "the one". by Hot Pie 1.16 K 50% vs 50% Peyton Manning Eli Manning Family rivalries are nothing new, but things are on a different playing field when it comes to Peyton and Eli Manning. Who is better? by Hot Pie 1.23 K 33% vs 67% Digital car amplifier Analogue car amplifier Digital amplifiers are smaller and do not heat as much as analogue amplifiers. On the other hand, analogues are a bit cheaper and supposedly sound better. Is their sound better enough to put up with less freedom in mounting position and more heat? The question does not refer to subwoofer amplifiers, only front & rear systems. by Blaž Suhač 1.22 K 40% vs 60% Nikon D5200 Canon Rebel T4i I have about 800€ to spare and I have decided to buy a camera. I never owned a SLR camera and am quite afraid to start using it. What would you recommend? What is the difference between these two? Which one is easier to use? by freebeer 1.22 K 56% vs 44% Samsung Galaxy Nexus Samsung Galaxy SII I am looking for a phone in this price range and I came up with this two models. So which one is better in time ? Battery life , break downs, I want to know all their issues . by adrianonroad 1.26 K

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