55% vs 45% Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox Which one is a better internet browser? by Hot Pie 8.69 K 69% vs 31% Proxima Nova Gotham What's better for headings on the web? by Rok Pregelj 5.83 K 22% vs 78% Public proposal Private proposal I want to propose to my girlfriend. Should I do it in public or in private? by freebeer 3.18 K 72% vs 28% Legalize weed Keep weed illegal Do you support decriminalization of weed? Why/why not? by misspea 1.93 K 53% vs 47% Wikipedia Encyclopaedia Which one do you trust more? by misspea 1.87 K 41% vs 59% Yes No Do you believe in god? by tpah 2.03 K 25% vs 75% Twitter Facebook Which one would you recommend for a social networking virgin of a certain age (60+)? by misspea 1.67 K 46% vs 54% Shock (rinse) pasta Don't shock (rinse) pasta What do you do? I hear a lot of conflicting advice on this one and I would really like to know what the majority 'vote' on this one is. by misspea 1.15 K 59% vs 41% Regular Coke Diet Coke I looooove Coke and yes, I do know it's not exactly the healthiest drink. But since I just have to have it I would like your opinion on which one is the "healthier" option - the sugary classic Coke or the sugar free Diet Coke which is packed with artificial sweeteners? by misspea 1.47 K 45% vs 55% Sleeping Having sex I’ve read about the research that states that 70% of people would rather have a good night's sleep than have sex. What would you rather do? by Ninja1 1.43 K 100% vs 0% Kindergarten @ age 2 Kindergarten @ age 3 Should I enroll my little one to the kindergarden at age 2 or 3? by christinchy 1.71 K 63% vs 37% Electric cars Natural Gas cars What are the advantages of electric cars over natural gas ( LNG ) cars? by Scorpion 3.58 K 39% vs 61% Fitness (gym) Swimming&running After developing some aches and pains in my back due to carrying a baby around and not being fit at all I joined a gym to strengthen up and be more ready for the next baby. For the muscle pain I also visited a massage therapist and he said fitness is bad for people (unless you are a professional athlete, and he works with top athletes so I do trust him) and told me to run and swim instead. Should I really quit the gym? by misspea 4.32 K 63% vs 37% Freelancing Regular job I freelance and I do prefer working from home but I usually work more hours than my friends with regular jobs and I also have to find my own way with business and clients. What do you think is a better option for young people in today's economy? by Ninja1 1.69 K 54% vs 46% Tidy Bedroom Stare at Ceiling I can no longer see the floor in my bedroom. What on Earth should I do? by Robin The Fog 1.52 K 66% vs 34% Smartphones Tablets Pros and cons using smartphone over tablet? by tpah 2.65 K 36% vs 64% Printed media Online news Since Newsweek ceased print publication I want to know - is there any hope still left for printed media in the long run? How do you prefer your news served - printed or digital? by misspea 1.69 K 38% vs 63% Crying it out Sticking to a routine We have been sticking to a nice evening routine with our toddler but he still won't go to bed without a fight. It is wearing us out so we have been looking into the crying it out method but we find it so harsh and read about the damage it can cause. What do you think, should we try it? Has it worked for you? by misspea 1.05 K 48% vs 52% Foot massage Clean kitchen A question just for the ladies :) What makes you happier - a relaxing foot massage by your beloved partner or him cleaning the kitchen of his own accord? by Ninja1 1.79 K 44% vs 56% Breasts Butt There are two specific parts of a female anatomy that can grab a man's attention from across the street. So, how many of you out there are boob men and how many are ass men? by Hot Pie 4.14 K 37% vs 63% Clash of clans Boom beach Supercell's latest game, Boom Beach, appears to be a direct clone of its superhit Clash of Clans. But at closer look there are quite a few major differences. Let’s find out what you say if we compare this two great combat strategy games! by Hot Pie 5.46 K 60% vs 40% CLUB ATLÉTICO DE MADRID CHELSEA FC Who do you want / believe / think will win semifinals and go through to the final of 2013/2014 UEFA Champions League? by davpav 3.46 K 70% vs 30% Yes No I have a little boy and I am worried about bullies when he goes to school. That's why I would like to ask you if you think that bullies should be handled by parents and teachers or should we let/encourage the kids to work it out themselves? by misspea 2.33 K 70% vs 30% House Flat What's better if you compare quality of life, expenses, neighbors ..? by Ninja1 1.63 K 40% vs 60% Technology Nature Will technology dominate or will/is nature striking back? I mean we are bound to get destroyed and extinct some day in the future, but will we destroy ourselves by relying too much on the technology or will nature smite us with all its fury? by Ninja1 1.9 K 40% vs 60% Toilet seat up Toilet seat down Women should not expect men to put toilet seat down for them, or? by Hot Pie 1.02 K 75% vs 25% Google Yahoo Which one gives you better search results? by tpah 1.3 K 36% vs 64% Pepsi Coca Cola Classic cola wars, which one do you prefer? by Hot Pie 1.37 K 57% vs 43% Classic fiction and towering literary epic Confusing, tiresome, dreary and very long 'The Idiot' by Fyodor Dostoyevsky by Robin The Fog 6.14 K

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