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Hi and welcome to! This is a fun new way of making a decision and helping others do so, too. If you have a burning dilemma, create a versus between the two options you are considering. If you have knowledge and experience, help others by voting and commenting on their versuses. Whether it's lifestyle, technology, sports or philosophy, at you can share what you know and ask what you don't.

48% vs 52% Gangnam style Harlem Shake Hmmm....I think when aliens discover us (if they haven't already) they will say: These humans too much time they have, yes. by tpah 1.33 K 65% vs 35% The cup that can't quite decide if it deserves a close-up Confusing 'waiting at station' montage What's the best part of this music video? by Robin The Fog 3.47 K 44% vs 56% XBOX 360 Playstation 3 Which one is better? by tpah 1.17 K 52% vs 48% Sean Connery Roger Moore So, who was your favorite old school Bond: Connery or Moore? by Hot Pie 1.1 K 50% vs 50% Rufige Kru Rockin' Computer Which of these two completely awesome but VERY different tracks is the greatest piece of music of all time? It's got to be one of them, surely? by Robin The Fog 1.45 K 67% vs 33% Axl Rose Slash Who's the man? by Rokus Solidis 1.93 K 57% vs 43% Classic fiction and towering literary epic Confusing, tiresome, dreary and very long 'The Idiot' by Fyodor Dostoyevsky by Robin The Fog 6.14 K 37% vs 63% Clash of clans Boom beach Supercell's latest game, Boom Beach, appears to be a direct clone of its superhit Clash of Clans. But at closer look there are quite a few major differences. Let’s find out what you say if we compare this two great combat strategy games! by Hot Pie 5.46 K 61% vs 39% Talking Friends APPs Angry Birds APPs I have a two and a half years old boy and he is fascinated about iPad and its apps. I was thinking of downloading one but I can't decide wich one of these two is more suitable. Can you give me a suggestion? Thanks! by freebeer 3.42 K 50% vs 50% Talking Angela Talking Ginger Which one of these two characters would you like to have her own APP first (like My Talking Tom has)? by freebeer 6.54 K 63% vs 38% THIS ONE! NO, THIS ONE! Best Worst Music Video Ever??!
by Robin The Fog 9.16 K
59% vs 41% The Star Wars Holiday Special The Phantom Menace Which one of these two bottomlessly-awful feature-length atrocities should George Lucas be the more ashamed of? Which one KILLED STAR WARS? by Robin The Fog 4.35 K 71% vs 29% McConaughey buffed McConaughey skinny How do you like your Matthew McConaughehgheeheehey? Buffed or skinny? by misspea975 9.05 K 40% vs 60% Leo smooth Leo rugged How do you like your Leonardo - rugged or smooth? by misspea975 6.2 K 59% vs 41% Arnold Schwarzenegger Sylvester Stallone Italian Stallion or Mr. For-mor-yea's?
Who really beats the shit out of crap?
by Rabbit 1.69 K
61% vs 39% Benedict Cumberbatch Jeremy Brett Who is the ultimate Holmes in your opinion? by misspea975 1.98 K 60% vs 40% The Lord of the Rings The Hobbit Which trilogy is - from what you have seen so far - your favorite? by misspea975 1.14 K 55% vs 45% Hank Walt As the season 5 of Breaking bad is coming to an end who would you like to get out as the winner? by freebeer 1.38 K 40% vs 60% Under Over Toilet paper, over or under? by kesma01 1.4 K 56% vs 44% Good Morning To You Production Warner Music Group So have you heard that Warner owns the rights to Happy Birthday song? But a company that is making a documentary about the song has filed a class action lawsuit to make it free for all. Who should win? (needles to say I dare not to post video ;) More at by misspea 1.21 K 50% vs 50% The Great Gatsby 1974 The Great Gatsby 2013 So I read the book in high school and again recently but haven't watched either of these two movies. Which one would you recommend? by misspea 1.16 K 46% vs 54% Arial Helvetica The ultimate and never ending font war. What is your favorite? Is it Arial or is it Helvetica?
As a designer I must say Helvetica FTW. Much more versatile and has a bigger family, well not just bigger its huge!
by freebeer 155.71 K
54% vs 46% Johnny Cash: Hurt NIN: Hurt I know they are both awsome, but still - which one do you like better? by misspea 1.09 K 53% vs 47% Game of thrones - books Game of thrones - series Which one do you prefer? by Ninja1 2.54 K 64% vs 36% The Hunger Games - book The Hunger Games - movie I know I'm late to the party but I just read the first book of The Hunger Games and watched the movie as soon as I read it. I was really disappointed! There was no feeling of how hungry, wounded, freezing cold or scorching hot, scared and desperate these kids were. Katniss in the movie feels like some kind of a robot and frankly the whole thing just seems forced and rushed to cash in on the success of the books. What do you think? Am I missing something here or not? by misspea 979 40% vs 60% National Gallery Tate Modern Which one is a better choice if you only have time to visit one? by misspea 878 56% vs 44% One Direction Justin Bieber Can you choose between Justin Bieber and One Direction, can you choose who has the best love song? by Hot Pie 1.07 K 31% vs 69% Alien Predator Alien vs Predator smackdown! by tpah 4.33 K 61% vs 39% Pixar Dreamworks Which animation style do you like more? by tpah 1.06 K

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