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Hi and welcome to! This is a fun new way of making a decision and helping others do so, too. If you have a burning dilemma, create a versus between the two options you are considering. If you have knowledge and experience, help others by voting and commenting on their versuses. Whether it's lifestyle, technology, sports or philosophy, at you can share what you know and ask what you don't.

63% vs 37% Freelancing Regular job I freelance and I do prefer working from home but I usually work more hours than my friends with regular jobs and I also have to find my own way with business and clients. What do you think is a better option for young people in today's economy? by Ninja1 1.69 K 36% vs 64% Printed media Online news Since Newsweek ceased print publication I want to know - is there any hope still left for printed media in the long run? How do you prefer your news served - printed or digital? by misspea 1.69 K 45% vs 55% Amazon Ebay Where do you get better deals? by tpah 3.56 K 56% vs 44% BBC CNN Which broadcaster do you like and trust more? by tpah 1.44 K 64% vs 36% PayPal MoneyBookers/Skrill I am thinking about opening an online account. I think this two are the best out there but I can't decide wich one to choose. Can you help me with your experiences? by freebeer 1.04 K 53% vs 47% Virtual currency Old school currency Which will prevail in the long run? There's been a lot of talk about virtual "money" lately and it makes me wonder (although I have to admit I don't fully understand the whole principle yet) - can you see a future where traditional currencies don't exist anymore and all transactions become virtual? by froggy 1.37 K 46% vs 54% Sales save you lots of money At sales you spend more With winter sales going on I am wondering - does shopping at sales save you money or do you actually spend more and buy stuff you don't really need or even like? What are your experiences? by DaisyDuke 991 54% vs 46% Visa Mastercard Visa or Mastercard - please help me with an all round comparison, so I can make the best decision. by tpah 2.02 K 55% vs 45% Euro Dollar Which one is more stable to invest into? by tpah 1.26 K 36% vs 64% Education Common sense What will take you further in life - education or common sense? by Hot Pie 1.25 K 0% vs 0% upto coupons Place an Order to make every moment as graceful with flora2000 flower store. by uptocoupons.2 18 46% vs 54% Istock Photos ShutterStock I always wanted to know how much people are earning on these stock sites and which one has better payouts. I am an amateur photographer and I would like to join in the world of selling stock photos. Which one would you recommend? by freebeer 991

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