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Hi and welcome to! This is a fun new way of making a decision and helping others do so, too. If you have a burning dilemma, create a versus between the two options you are considering. If you have knowledge and experience, help others by voting and commenting on their versuses. Whether it's lifestyle, technology, sports or philosophy, at you can share what you know and ask what you don't.

45% vs 55% Adobe CS6 Design Standard CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 Is Adobe really that much better than Corel. Why is the price ratio 3:1? What do you suggest for a beginner? by FreddyTheFox 6.94 K 69% vs 31% Proxima Nova Gotham What's better for headings on the web? by Rok Pregelj 2.77 K 68% vs 32% Chipolo StickNFind Help - user experience needed! Two of my family members constantly loose things and it drives me crazy. Every time I hear "Have you seen my..." I just wanna scream. So I am seriously thinking about getting one of these Bluetooth finders. I have checked their tech specs but what I want is to hear from actual users - has anyone tried either of these out yet? by froggy 2.74 K 56% vs 44% MetaPro AR glasses Google Glass Wouldn't mind trying both of these puppies out :) Which one would you rather have? Which one do you think will dominate in the long run? by freebeer 2.43 K 60% vs 40% HP Lexmark What printer brand you use / like best? by davpav 2.33 K 56% vs 44% DELL Monitor UltraSharp U2913WM LG 29EA93-P UltraWide IPS Monitor Which is better for graphic design, creating animations, videos? And also must run very good in Mac Pro and macbook pro! by Simoncheli 1.2 K 25% vs 75% Twitter Facebook Which one would you recommend for a social networking virgin of a certain age (60+)? by misspea 1.17 K 62% vs 38% Facebook Twitter Which one will last longer? by tpah 921 46% vs 54% iOS 6 iOS7 What do you think, should I upgrade or no. Should I wait a couple of months or should I just go for it? by FreddyTheFox 845 0% vs 100% Microsoft Win 8 Microsoft Win 10 So now that Windows 10 are officially released what is your opinion? Will Windows 10 be better, worse or same as Windows 8? Will the user feedback from the Windows 10 BETA make this OS what it is supposed to be? by freebeer 838 40% vs 60% Nikon D5200 Canon Rebel T4i I have about 800€ to spare and I have decided to buy a camera. I never owned a SLR camera and am quite afraid to start using it. What would you recommend? What is the difference between these two? Which one is easier to use? by freebeer 772 50% vs 50% PS4 Xbox One The best next-gen console for you? by freebeer 733 56% vs 44% Samsung Galaxy Nexus Samsung Galaxy SII I am looking for a phone in this price range and I came up with this two models. So which one is better in time ? Battery life , break downs, I want to know all their issues . by adrianonroad 721 73% vs 27% Vintage 1990s Synth with MIDI? New Midi Controller with Keys? What would be a better buy with about 150e budget: a vintage synth with midi implemented (not to mention a number of useful sounds that come with it) or a new age midi controller with warranty and easy connection to a DAW? by dj.woo.d 694 33% vs 67% Digital car amplifier Analogue car amplifier Digital amplifiers are smaller and do not heat as much as analogue amplifiers. On the other hand, analogues are a bit cheaper and supposedly sound better. Is their sound better enough to put up with less freedom in mounting position and more heat? The question does not refer to subwoofer amplifiers, only front & rear systems. by Blaž Suhač 651 25% vs 75% MacBook 12inch MacBook Pro 13,3 inch Which one to choose? I'm a lot on field, but my job also includes making videos and using Adobe products. Battery life is really important, but so is speed. What would you suggest? by christinchy 644 50% vs 50% Pinterest Tumblr Which one do you like more? by tpah 637 56% vs 44% Logitech Razer Which one do you prefer? by tpah 615 46% vs 54% Ocarina of Time Majora's mask Which Legend of Zelda did you enjoy more? by tpah 605

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