70% vs 30% House Flat What's better if you compare quality of life, expenses, neighbors ..? by Ninja1 1.63 K 45% vs 55% Sleeping Having sex I’ve read about the research that states that 70% of people would rather have a good night's sleep than have sex. What would you rather do? by Ninja1 1.43 K 64% vs 36% Breastfeeding Formula/bottle feeding Do you think that breastfeeding is really that essential and that baby can't get all the necessary ingredients from produced baby milk? by Ninja1 3.91 K 56% vs 44% Washable diaper Disposable diaper I hear a lot of pros and cons and don't know what to do. Please let me know your experiences - what is better for the baby, environment ... by Ninja1 957 50% vs 50% French kiss Lip kiss What kind of a kiss is more appropriate on the first date? by Hot Pie 2.81 K 63% vs 37% After two beers After six beers When is the right time to approach an attractive woman in a bar? by Hot Pie 8.81 K 48% vs 52% Foot massage Clean kitchen A question just for the ladies :) What makes you happier - a relaxing foot massage by your beloved partner or him cleaning the kitchen of his own accord? by Ninja1 1.79 K 13% vs 88% Your Boss Your Mother-in-Law Who drives you more crazy? by Ninja1 971 3% vs 97% Blondes Brunettes I have dated blondes and brunettes and lets face it - blondes may be sexier but brunettes are so much more fun. Agreed? by Hot Pie 9.73 K 30% vs 70% Farmed salmon Wild salmon Wild salmon are depleted by over fishing so I eat farmed ones but on the other hand I hear there are many pollutants in salmon farms. So which one should I choose, farm-raised or wild? by Hot Pie 824 50% vs 50% Sauna Steam room Which one do you prefer and why? by Hot Pie 800 60% vs 40% Butter Margarine I heard that margarine is one molecule away from plastic but I love it. Is that true? Is butter really healthier? by Hot Pie 4.13 K 71% vs 29% White gold wedding rings Yellow gold wedding rings Please advise us what we need to consider when choosing gold for our wedding rings? by Hot Pie 923 60% vs 40% Viagra Cialis Can you please tell me your experience? by Hot Pie 2.39 K 40% vs 60% Toilet seat up Toilet seat down Women should not expect men to put toilet seat down for them, or? by Hot Pie 1.02 K 54% vs 46% Electric toothbrush Manual toothbrush Advantages, disadvantages? Thinking of switching to electric but don't want to waste my money. by tpah 864 60% vs 40% Manual razor Electric shaver What do you use and what are advantages and disadvantages between a manual and electric shaver? by Hot Pie 892 38% vs 62% Skinny Curvy OK, let's put this one to the test, men, once and for all. Do we actually like skinny women or are curves what we really want? What is hotter for you? by Hot Pie 2.5 K 44% vs 56% Breasts Butt There are two specific parts of a female anatomy that can grab a man's attention from across the street. So, how many of you out there are boob men and how many are ass men? by Hot Pie 4.14 K 50% vs 50% Paris Venice Which city should we choose for a romantic anniversary getaway? by Hot Pie 1.31 K 50% vs 50% Big Mac Whopper Battle of the Dishes, which popular hamburger is better and why? by Hot Pie 845 32% vs 68% Jamie Oliver Gordon Ramsay Who do you like more? by Hot Pie 1.56 K 56% vs 44% Charlize Theron Selita Ebanks Vote for the best legs! by Hot Pie 766 69% vs 31% Rolling Tobacco Cigarettes I am a smoker and would like to know your opinion on rolling tobacco VS cigarettes - is the tobacco really less harmful than factory made cigarettes? by Hot Pie 947 36% vs 64% Pepsi Coca Cola Classic cola wars, which one do you prefer? by Hot Pie 1.37 K 38% vs 63% SeaWorld Orlando Walt Disney World Hey everyone! Our familiy will be travelling to Florida but we will only have time and resources to do one of the amusement parks down there. We have narrowed it down to these two, which one would you recommend? by freebeer 783 79% vs 21% Lager Stout I can never get enough lager. I dont even understand people who drink stout. LAGER FTW by freebeer 6.07 K