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Hi and welcome to! This is a fun new way of making a decision and helping others do so, too. If you have a burning dilemma, create a versus between the two options you are considering. If you have knowledge and experience, help others by voting and commenting on their versuses. Whether it's lifestyle, technology, sports or philosophy, at you can share what you know and ask what you don't.

70% vs 30% House Flat What's better if you compare quality of life, expenses, neighbors ..? by Ninja1 1.63 K 3% vs 97% Blondes Brunettes I have dated blondes and brunettes and lets face it - blondes may be sexier but brunettes are so much more fun. Agreed? by Hot Pie 9.73 K 50% vs 50% Paris Venice Which city should we choose for a romantic anniversary getaway? by Hot Pie 1.31 K 32% vs 68% Jamie Oliver Gordon Ramsay Who do you like more? by Hot Pie 1.56 K 100% vs 0% Kindergarten @ age 2 Kindergarten @ age 3 Should I enroll my little one to the kindergarden at age 2 or 3? by christinchy 1.71 K 63% vs 37% Sears Give Together Best Buy Pitch In Card Which one of these two services, which both allow a group of people to contribute to a wedding gift online, is better in your experience? Thx for the help! by DaisyDuke 5.85 K 67% vs 33% Ljubljana Prague Better destination for a hen party is... by Sabrina 5.61 K 50% vs 50% White dress Off white or color dress Hi, a good friend of mine is getting married for the second time and she really wants to wear a white dress but thinks it would be inappropriate (second marriage, age...). I keep telling her she should do what she wants, especially since her first marriage was terrible and she wants this one to be the one that really counts. What do you think? by misspea975 5.8 K 64% vs 36% Dog Cat Can't believe we haven't done this one yet! by Robin The Fog 3.94 K 46% vs 54% iPotty Apptivity Seat Which one is worst? As a mother I can't even begin to describe all what's wrong with these two products. In short, both are two of the worst gadgets a baby could have. What do you think? by misspea975 3.63 K 50% vs 50% Man Woman Who does the most housework in your house and why? I am wondering cause I do a lot more and I have a great husband who cooks, cleans, shops but I still do much more. Is it because men work longer hours? Does a messy house and not eating properly simply bother women more? Maybe we think men won't do a good job so it's better to do it ourselves? Or is it the "women belongs behind the stove" mentality? BTW, the video on the Man's side is hilarious :) by froggy 3.37 K 40% vs 60% 2013 2014 Get the F out 2013, you've done quite enough! Almost everyone we know got slapped around by you big time so go on, get, time to pack it in, scoot, move over, step away...How do you guys feel about 2013? Vote and comment now! by sharealine 1.61 K 40% vs 60% Champix/Chantix pills Nicotine gum/patch My new year's resolution is to finally stop smoking and I was wandering
if anyone had any advice on what works better - pills like
Chantix/Champix or nicotine gums/patches? Help!
by DaisyDuke 1.84 K
36% vs 64% Cheramic Floor Wooden Floor Modern cheramic floor or should I rather go with classic wooden floor for my living room? by Incredible Mrki 2.42 K 50% vs 50% Turkey Roast Beef This will be the first time I cook X-mas dinner for family and friends and I
would like some advice on which roast is more idiot proof to make - turkey
or beef?
by froggy 1.21 K
58% vs 42% I believe in Santa Claus Don't be ridiculous and grow up Happy holidays from Sharealine team! Share your favorite Santa memories with us! by sharealine 1.31 K 46% vs 54% Short hair Long hair So, let's find the answer to the everlasting question: what's more attractive on a woman - short hair or long hair? by Yellena 1.43 K 52% vs 48% Straight jeans Skinny jeans Which do you prefer? by Ninja1 1.39 K 25% vs 75% Pistorius: I believe him Pistorius: I don't believe him What is you gut telling you? by freebeer 988 61% vs 39% Live to eat Eat to live What does food mean to you? Is it the ultimate pleasure, an expression of who you are and your creativity, or is it just fuel? by misspea 2.15 K 71% vs 29% Mandatory vaccination Elective vaccination Do you think vaccinations that babies get should be mandatory or should parents have the right to choose? by misspea 3.63 K 32% vs 68% Bottled water Tap water How many of us are still drinking tap water? And if not, why not? by misspea 7.34 K 47% vs 53% Laundry washing ball Himalayan soap nuts Do either of them wash the laundry at all? I don't want to waste my money so please help with your experiences. by misspea 1.05 K 47% vs 53% Low fat dairy Full fat dairy Which one is healthier? I have been using low fat for years, but now I hear full fat dairy products are supposed to be healthier than low fat since they are less processed. by misspea 4.91 K 51% vs 49% Carbs No carbs Are carbs really "evil"? Frankly, I am confused and the more I read about it the less I know. So I want to put it to the test here and see what the majority thinks. by misspea 10.51 K 33% vs 67% Synthetic fabrics Natural fabrics Do you think it is worth paying extra for clothes made out of natural fabrics?
by Ninja1 1.15 K
70% vs 30% Yes No I have a little boy and I am worried about bullies when he goes to school. That's why I would like to ask you if you think that bullies should be handled by parents and teachers or should we let/encourage the kids to work it out themselves? by misspea 2.33 K 67% vs 33% Ultrasound hair removal Laser hair removal I am sick of having to shave and I want to have this summer free from obsessing about my hairy legs, so I am contemplating having either an ultrasound or a laser hair removal done. My skin is very sensitive and prone to rashes so I am looking for your advice. by misspea 1.08 K 41% vs 59% Sonar festival, Barcelona Exit festival, Novi Sad So I'm thinking of doing one of the big music festivals and I have it narrowed down to Sonar in Barcelona and Exit in Novi sad, Serbia. Which one should I choose? by misspea 1.96 K

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