38% vs 62% Ceramic knives Classic knives I am thinking of getting a set of ceramic knives. Are they really better than classic metal knives? by tpah 993 75% vs 25% Google Yahoo Which one gives you better search results? by tpah 1.3 K 67% vs 33% Intel AMD Which one do you think is better and why? by tpah 988 54% vs 46% Pacman Tetris This two super famous classic games both kept me occupied for days. Which one did it for you? by Hot Pie 1.54 K 43% vs 57% Neil Armstrong Yuri Gagarin What do you think was actually a bigger step for mankind - getting the first man, Yuri Gagarin, in space or landing on the moon? by Hot Pie 1.18 K 55% vs 45% Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox Which one is a better internet browser? by Hot Pie 8.69 K 41% vs 59% Google + Facebook What's gonna be the best social network in 10 years? by Hot Pie 1.03 K 67% vs 33% Avast (Free) AVG (Free) Hey, can you please give me a quick comparison between the free versions of both programs? by Hot Pie 1.48 K 55% vs 45% iPad 4 Windows Surface Which tablet should I buy? by Hot Pie 933 67% vs 33% iPhone 4S Samsung Galaxy S3 Here I found 29 Reasons for the Samsung Galaxy S3, what do you think ? by Hot Pie 1.04 K