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Hi and welcome to! This is a fun new way of making a decision and helping others do so, too. If you have a burning dilemma, create a versus between the two options you are considering. If you have knowledge and experience, help others by voting and commenting on their versuses. Whether it's lifestyle, technology, sports or philosophy, at you can share what you know and ask what you don't.

55% vs 45% Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox Which one is a better internet browser? by Hot Pie 8.69 K 56% vs 44% Clean, abundant Thorium Hazardous, limited Uranium Not familiar with Thorium? Check it out before answering. by Brian Tumor 7.21 K 56% vs 44% Designin with pen Designing with mouse What do you prefer to use? If you use both what do you use the pen for and what do you use the mouse for? by freebeer 5.98 K 77% vs 23% Gas Barbecue Grill Charcoal Barbecue Grill I am going to buy one, but can't decide which one to get. Please help me with your experience! by Hot Pie 5.66 K 41% vs 59% Linux Windows Which one would you recommend? by Ninja1 3.23 K 66% vs 34% Smartphones Tablets Pros and cons using smartphone over tablet? by tpah 2.65 K 52% vs 48% Regular vacuum cleaner Robotic vacuum cleaner Before I buy a robot vacuum cleaner, are they really that good and worth all the money? by Hot Pie 2.64 K 41% vs 59% Yes No Do you believe in god? by tpah 2.03 K 53% vs 47% Laptop Desktop computer Laptop is more mobile but you get a better desktop computer for the same price. What's your decision? by Ninja1 1.94 K 40% vs 60% Technology Nature Will technology dominate or will/is nature striking back? I mean we are bound to get destroyed and extinct some day in the future, but will we destroy ourselves by relying too much on the technology or will nature smite us with all its fury? by Ninja1 1.9 K 53% vs 47% Wikipedia Encyclopaedia Which one do you trust more? by misspea 1.87 K 58% vs 42% LED TV Plasma TV I am confused how to choose the best flat screen TV. I know that both deliver high quality, high def experiences, but what are the differences then? by Hot Pie 1.85 K 54% vs 46% Pacman Tetris This two super famous classic games both kept me occupied for days. Which one did it for you? by Hot Pie 1.54 K 67% vs 33% Avast (Free) AVG (Free) Hey, can you please give me a quick comparison between the free versions of both programs? by Hot Pie 1.48 K 53% vs 47% Duracell Energizer Which bunny will get further? by tpah 1.37 K 70% vs 30% Electrolux EWP1462TDW Candy GC4 1272 D2 A friend is buying a new washing machine and he doesn't know which one of these two to choose. He is also a bit confused about how the Candy one, being only 40 cm deep, can have almost the same features as the Electrolux normal size one. by FreddyTheFox 1.35 K 69% vs 31% MacBook Air MacBook Pro One's thin. One's thick. Both start at same price... Which is better? by Hot Pie 1.34 K 75% vs 25% Google Yahoo Which one gives you better search results? by tpah 1.3 K 32% vs 68% Hand washing dishes Dishwasher Which is cheaper and more economic? by tpah 1.29 K 38% vs 63% Electronic thermometer Mercury thermometer Which one is more accurate? by Ninja1 1.29 K 62% vs 38% NOD 32 Bitdefender Antivirus showdown! by tpah 1.23 K 67% vs 33% Serif Sans-serif Which one is better for the web? by Ninja1 1.21 K 43% vs 57% Neil Armstrong Yuri Gagarin What do you think was actually a bigger step for mankind - getting the first man, Yuri Gagarin, in space or landing on the moon? by Hot Pie 1.18 K 20% vs 80% Nook Kindle I read that both of these eReaders offer a great reading experience. Which one should I buy? Can you share your experience? by Hot Pie 1.17 K 53% vs 47% Format Quick format What is the actual difference? Is it worth the wait? by Hot Pie 1.16 K 40% vs 60% Inkjet Printers Laser Printers Have to get a new printer, don't know which type to get. Please help! by Hot Pie 1.13 K 45% vs 55% Magento Opencart Which e-commerce solution is more appropriate for your business and why? by tpah 1.13 K 32% vs 68% One monitor Two (or more) monitors Does more than one monitor really improve productivity? by Hot Pie 1.11 K 45% vs 55% Green energy Coal energy I am going for an epic win here! :) by tpah 1.1 K

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