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Hi and welcome to! This is a fun new way of making a decision and helping others do so, too. If you have a burning dilemma, create a versus between the two options you are considering. If you have knowledge and experience, help others by voting and commenting on their versuses. Whether it's lifestyle, technology, sports or philosophy, at you can share what you know and ask what you don't.

52% vs 48% Hover Board Speeder Bike What would you rather have at home to play with: a Hover Board (Back to the future 2) or a Speeder Bike (Star Wars)? by Hot Pie 8.74 K 48% vs 52% BMW Mercedes Just a classic versus. by tpah 5.01 K 73% vs 27% EuroBasket 2013 Slovenia EuroBasket 2013 Greece It is going to be a hard match, both are great teams, history is on the side of Greece, but Slovenia has home court advantage. by Hot Pie 4.64 K 39% vs 61% Fitness (gym) Swimming&running After developing some aches and pains in my back due to carrying a baby around and not being fit at all I joined a gym to strengthen up and be more ready for the next baby. For the muscle pain I also visited a massage therapist and he said fitness is bad for people (unless you are a professional athlete, and he works with top athletes so I do trust him) and told me to run and swim instead. Should I really quit the gym? by misspea 4.32 K 63% vs 37% Electric cars Natural Gas cars What are the advantages of electric cars over natural gas ( LNG ) cars? by Scorpion 3.58 K 50% vs 50% FC BAYERN MÜNCHEN REAL MADRID CF Who do you think will win today and go through to the final of 2013/2014 UEFA Champions League? by davpav 3.5 K 60% vs 40% CLUB ATLÉTICO DE MADRID CHELSEA FC Who do you want / believe / think will win semifinals and go through to the final of 2013/2014 UEFA Champions League? by davpav 3.46 K 75% vs 25% 1956 Chevy Bel Air 1958 Chevy Impala When I "grow up" one of these will be mine, perhaps even both. Which one would you choose? by misspea 3.28 K 69% vs 31% Barcelona Real Madrid Share whos fan you are, reasons, interesting facts & figures from El Clasico! by Hot Pie 2.09 K 54% vs 46% Skiing Snowboarding I'll be spending much of next winter in an Alpine area so it's a good opportunity to learn some winter sports. As I am a complete novice at that I would like to know - should I start with skiing or snowboarding? What would you recommend? by misspea 1.69 K 67% vs 33% Ford S-Max Renault Espace Whitch one is better compared fuel consumption, spaciousness and travelling comfort. by dr24doo 1.61 K 47% vs 53% The Olympic games are about sport Money&politics have taken over Are the Olympic games still about sport, athletes and Olympic values or have money and politics completely taken over using the games only as a stage to show off their power while the sport is just a fun side effect for the masses to enjoy? by sharealine 1.45 K 43% vs 57% The Winner The Underdog Who would you cheer for? by Robin The Fog 1.42 K 61% vs 39% Eurobasket 2013 Slovenia Eurobasket 2013 France Parker's three championship rings, his NBA finals MVP title and a determined team which has not yet shown all its might at this Eurobasket will go head to head with Slovenia tonight. Slovenia's team has proved time and time again that with the support of its fans it is more than able to conquer much stronger opponents. Who do you think will get through to the final rounds, leading to the medals? by sharealine 1.38 K 52% vs 48% Eurobasket 2013 Serbia Eurobasket 2013 Spain A young, feisty team from Serbia impressed us in the game against France on Sunday and with that win secured for itself the first place in their group. On the other hand the Spanish team has yet to reveal its best side despite the fact they entered into this Eurobasket championship as a favorite. Which team will make it to the semi-finals? by sharealine 1.34 K 33% vs 67% Tina Maze lost it She will peak in Sochi C'mon, is there any hope left for Tina Maze and her fans? What do you think? by freebeer 1.33 K 36% vs 64% Seattle Seahawks Denver Broncos Who will win the NFL Super Bowl XLVIII? by tpah 1.32 K 37% vs 63% Yes No Do you still like Lance Armstrong after his doping confession? by tpah 1.28 K 50% vs 50% Peyton Manning Eli Manning Family rivalries are nothing new, but things are on a different playing field when it comes to Peyton and Eli Manning. Who is better? by Hot Pie 1.23 K 57% vs 43% Peyton Manning Tom Brady Before Sunday's game here's just a classic football versus - who is a better quarterback: Manning or Brady? by FreddyTheFox 1.21 K 60% vs 40% To participate To win As the winter Olympics are coming up soon here's the age old question for you: what is more important, to participate or to win?
by sharealine 1.18 K
68% vs 32% Top Gear Fifth Gear For me there is no doubt about it and even my wife says that Top Gear is one of the best shows on TV ever made. Honestly I have no idea why someone would even watch Fifth Gear. And on that bombshell... :) by freebeer 1.17 K 57% vs 43% Mayweather Canelo This is the time of the year that we are all waiting for. The two undefeated boxers will face each other inside the ring. Who is "the one". by Hot Pie 1.16 K 57% vs 43% Adidas Nike I have to get some football (soccer) shoes for my son and could use some advice on which brand to choose. by Hot Pie 1.14 K 50% vs 50% Team sports Individual sports I think team sports are a much better option for the child’s development and education, what do you think? by Hot Pie 1.11 K 35% vs 65% Ferrari Lamborghini Which one would you choose if you could? :) by tpah 1.07 K 53% vs 47% Kiteboarding windsurfing What is more fun and what is easier to learn? by Hot Pie 1.02 K 67% vs 33% Tina Maze Lindsey Vonn Which one skies better? And by the way, when did skiing get sooo hot?!? ;) by tpah 1.01 K 35% vs 65% American Football Australian Football When I was a yung lad I was watching NFL with my jaw dropping, but when I was a little older I saw a match of Australian Football and I said to myself that NFL is just for little boys afraid to get hurt. What do U think? by freebeer 1.01 K

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