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Regular job
I freelance and I do prefer working from home but I usually work more hours than my friends with regular jobs and I also have to find my own way with business and clients. What do you think is a better option for young people in today's economy?
by Ninja1 in Business & Education on Jul 31, 2013
Regular job is not all that's cracked up to be. One of its main perks - social security - has long been blown out the window in this economy and employers know they can ride you as hard as they can especially if you have a family or a mortgage/loan to pay. Nice, huh? So freelancing or any other way of making it on your own is a much better way to go for your own sanity.
Being a freelancer gives you chances to do what you really wanna do, at anytime and with anyone you want. It's all about freedom. Regular jobs get boring over time. Someday when things are not fun anymore, it's time for u to consider becoming a freelancer.
I think freelancing is amazing! Think of working at home without having to wear appropriate clothing, and best of all, without having to deal with annoying coworkers. It is like a dream come true. You choose your own hours and type of work. The only downside is that you don't always get a steady income and you don't get any benefits (medical etc). You do get to meet fantastic people from all over the world though!
Being a freelancer, you can work with those you want to work with and there is a plenty of categories you can choose from.
So, freedom and no limits are waiting for you, just one click and here you are !
If you are in a place where you can easily promote yourself and get potential clients who provide you consistent work then freelance is the good thing to do. Otherwise it could a painful job.
I own a small business and do freelance work on the side. I prefer the flexibility that comes with being an entrepreneur. I also believe that our economy is such that the only true way to stay ahead of the financial pitfalls is to work for yourself. In doing so you are able to work a greater number of hours and build assets along the way. There are many who fear a life that does not end each week with a predictable paycheck but with a little discipline anyone can learn to budget, accordingly.
We're new freelancers, so we don't have much experience, but in Serbia here there isn't much you can do - even if you do finish some college. So, for us freelancing is a great choice. We have been repeatedly recommending it to lots of ours unemployed friends.
I definitely have more fun freelancing than in my regular (even though part time) job. As a freelancer I can choose what clients I work with and what projects I want to work on. When I get to my regular job, I'm being handed my work for me and often enough the assignment I have to fulfill is neither interesting nor fun. A freelancer job wins for me every time.
So... this is obviously two sided question and my opinion will have to be two sided as well. On one side you have Young People which basically need experience, guidance and money. And on the other side you have today's Economy which is unpredictable, shifting and moody. So...I would definitely have to go with Young People... and just screw the Economy. I think when Economy meets Young People ...there's gonna be an epic fight ...end Economy will just have to bow down. Young People will always win. Even million years from now. Sorry're just f*c*e*.
In terms of financial security in this hard economic times, a regular job can make a whole lot of a difference. Steady job and income as well as medical benefits if any member of your family gets sick.
I think you can do both. But a regular job is a must, just in case that you don't manage to get any projects as a freelancer.
For example it seems very hard to find projects in design engineering. There are more users looking for a job than projects .
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