Live to eat


Eat to live

Live to eat
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Eat to live
What does food mean to you? Is it the ultimate pleasure, an expression of who you are and your creativity, or is it just fuel?
by misspea in Lifestyle on Jul 31, 2013
I'm a hedonistic eater, unfortunately it shows... but ONLY LIVES ONCE!! :)
I'm a hedonistic eater, unfortunately it shows... but ONLY LIVES ONCE!! :)
*ONE only lives once
I feel you Mrki :) Food is awesome, so many things you can create with it!
Definetly on this side of the versus. I love food, love making it and love eating it, love trying new foods it is always a mistery.
It's better to eat a handful of excellent food that to eat a plateful of tasteless junk.
I'll take this side :) We have to really live, not just exist. Nothing can beat the joy of eating nicely cooked meal. I'd rather not eat than stuff my mouth with just everything that can fill my stomach.
my values are in the following order:
- healthiness
- visual
- price...

When I was a student they were a bit different:
- volumes of alcohol
- amount of meat
- as cheap as I can get :))
Those who can live by the strict rules of healthy life are truly blessed. They probably have some other ways to enjoy life’s tastes and smells and I sure wish I knew what those ways are. But until then, I’m afraid I’ll keep reading about those healthy habits and conveniently ignore them whenever necessary.
We live to experience everything that life on this planet has to offer. I’m talking about our senses, of course. One of those senses serves to make us register all those different tastes that make us feel alive and I must admit I appreciate all the pleasures that this particular sense is providing for me after a nice meal.
I'd rather eat less of a quality food, than a whole lot of a junk food. Besides, it's much more fun to cook something special and different than standard macaronni with cheese. And I love cooking new things - makes me feel like an adventurer in the kitchen. :)
To cite Bob Rock: better to live a century in abundance than die of hunger!
It's kind of hard to enjoy eating when you know there are so many people out there going hungry. I do sometimes live to eat, but mostly, I just eat to live. I feel too guilty enjoying lavish, expensive meals and turning a blind eye to the harsh reality that is famine.
I agree. I always thought that with the amount of food I was eating, it could already fed a family of 3. And with the wasted food I dropped into the garbage can, I can just imagine how valuable it was to the least fortunate. It is right to enjoy food once in a while (I think everyone is entitled to it), but most of the time, we just have to eat to live.
We exist for another goals, not for just eating.... Food is fuel !
It's true that there is a pleasure in eating nice food, but the ultimate goal is building strong civilizations and face the nature.
My vote goes for Eat to live, simply because I don't make my life based on food, but on other interests. It's okay if you live to eat, I just choose to not do that. I see pleasure in other things.
If you work and travel a lot, you are often caught in the situation that you don't have enough time to have a proper meal, and then the "Bear Grylls" instinct kick's in. Of course you have to be carefull of what you put in your body, I do not advertise fast food or junk food, but I don't like fancy foods from fancy restaurants where they put your meal at 180 degrees just because it looks cool. Food is just fuel for our bodies .
This is a really hard one since I really do enjoy my food. But times are a little harder for me now so luxury food is a bit of a premium and I am simply happy to know where the next meal is coming from. And on a further extreme there are so many people starving in the world it is sometimes hard to justify gorging on gourmet food. Not going to deny there is a profound pleasure in it though.
Battle of the Atom last week that I could have been spokesman for , .
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