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Pros and cons using smartphone over tablet?
by tpah in Science & Technology on Jul 31, 2013
For now I am for smartphones. Thay take much less space and can "even" fit in my pocket. And all smartphones are still phones, tablets are primary small laptops and most of them can not be used as phone.
i don't need large tablet to do my daily job.. smart phone is enough.. my tablet was confiscated by my kids... and I don't mind really. :)
Smartphones can fit in pocket and you can take it anywhere with you without getting attention.. So, I choose them for my communications. Tablets still more than phones, they can be counted as small computers.
I'd definitely go for a smartphone if I had to choose between the two. Tablets are cool and they are easier to use (the large screen does wonders for people with poor eyesight, like myself!) but they are so difficult to carry around. I might as well take a mini laptop around with me. My smartphone allows me to keep my business going while I'm on the go. Plus, I don't have to worry as much about someone snatching it from my hand and running away!
i would go for smartphone. Because it's small and easy to handle around. I can put it in my pocket and bring it everywhere I go. It also has almost the same features as a tablet does. And yeah, I can make phone calls with it!!
This is a device I live and breath by therefore I must give it my vote. Carrying the I Pad around is cumbersome and risky. I always fear I will lose or destroy it and it was a lot more costly than my Motorola Atrix 2. However, it is a useful gadget around the house. I would hate to think I could not have them both but if I were forced to make that decision my phone would certainly be the victor.
It depends from person to person. I prefer smartphones, it does the same things as a tablet only that it's more compact. I take the information with me even when I am going to buy something from the shop, if I am looking for a bigger screen on long journeys I will always have my laptop and nothing can replace it.
Smartphone is a cool device you can use for an emergency check of your mails, net, bank accounts and so on and so on. It's not made for regular using of those but for checking what's happening when you have no access to PC.
Tablets on the other hand are doing the exact same thing, sometimes if you're lucky/rich enough with a better quality of display and a bit quicker, but not really bringing anything new to the mix. Except they're bigger, heavier and take more space in your bag. Thanks to all this they're also a lot easier to destroy. In the end you get irritated with the onscreen keyboard, slow performence and mobile system and you'll do your work on laptop or PC anyway. Tablet in a form they present right now are just cool toys, not really a work device.
Own a blackberry playbook and i would much rather have this over a "so smart yet does nothing productive" phone. My phone is for calling/txting. If i wanted i could drop my cell phone service and pay for a mobile hot spot and pay for an app that lets u call/txt via wifi & bam!!!! My tablet is now a phone and a device that can do work. I can browse internet (full website not mobile version), work on documents, and watch movies, play games on a nice enough size screen all on the go. Fyi i dont need 1000000 apps & any tablet over 7in is a waste to me. I can put my tablet in my pocket and no problem. If u have a big 10in screen that isnt mobile mine as well just have a laptop. Bottom line a phone should be for direct communication, tablet for everything else mobile/ on the go
"Smart" phones are made for "smart" people. Everyone else prefers a device that offers more that two choices at any given time. Smart phones are binary devices... while tablets are quantum. Most people are confused and call iPhone ..the smart phone while it's neither smart nor can you make proper calls. It's much easier for average consumer to buy clothes with bigger pockets than it is to make them smart enough for smart phones. ...I think it all boils down to simple question "does size matters" ...well does it? ...I think it does.
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